French Revolt Against the Great Wind Power Fraud


storming_the_bastille1-e1318690559144 For the French, it’s a way to a healthier life …


The French have treated revolution as a National pastime, for much of their history: storming the Bastille in 1789; and the streets of Paris in 1969, to name a couple of people-power-hits.

Today, the target of the seething masses is these things; or to the French: éoliennes.

And – with a burning desire to Stop These Things – the French follow events here, with a keen interest. See this story, for example (you’ll need High School French or better): Les effets néfastes de fermes éoliennes sur la santé sont réels –  STT followers will recognise STT Champions, Dr Sarah Laurie and Senator John Madigan, as the stars of that post.

The wind industry in France is equipped with same snake-like ‘charm’, as elsewhere. As we reported earlier this year, French wind power outfits are hell-bent on destroying the…

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Banks Baulk at Lending to Wind Power Outfits as Brits Slash Subsidies & Communities Fight Back




Our British counter-parts are on a roll.

Since David Cameron’s thumping election win, wind power outfits in the UK have been copping a belting on all fronts. And the same is true across the ditch in the Emerald Isle.

Furious communities from Armagh to Kerry; and John O’Groats to Cornwall are gathering strength and fighting back, like never before:

Forces Marshall in International Revolt Against the Great Wind Power Fraud

Communities Fight Back & Set the Wind Industry on Fire

In the post above the comment from Stop the Chislet Windfarm committee chairman Dr Ashley Lupin says it all really:

“We are determined this is not going to happen. We local people are not the handful of country bumpkins that you were expecting to walk all over. We are passionate, we are angry and we are organised”.

It’s that kind of ‘in-your-face’ community outrage that will bring the wind…

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Brits Crush Plans for Huge Offshore Wind Power Disaster



Navitus Bay wind farm refused permission by government
BBC News
11 September 2015

A proposed wind farm off the south coast of England has been refused consent by the government.

Developers behind the Navitus Bay project – for up to 121 turbines off Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – say it would have provided electricity for up to 700,000 homes.

Opponents said it would damage tourism and was too close to protected coasts.

It is only the second time the Department of Energy and Climate Change has rejected an offshore project.

The £3.5bn Navitus Bay plan, developed jointly by Dutch firm Eneco and French giant EDF Energy A, would have seen up to 121 8MW turbines at 200m (656ft) high constructed.

The Planning Inspectorate spent six months studying the plans, which developers said would contribute £1.6bn to the UK’s economy over 25 years.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind would…

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The deplorable Community Work Placement | By Anonymous


The following was written by someone that wishes to remain anonymous.Any comments made on this post will be shared with the individual that wrote it, thank you.

This hereand this here have been sent to me through Twitter, they also contain important information regarding CWP.

I was told to report to the Provider for CWP recently. Needless to say I shant be attending this pointless and draconian scheme. They can sanction me if they want, I’m used to fighting them.

The staff are rude and uncaring and basically tell you that if you don’t like it then you’ll get sanctioned or signed off. Why these people carry out the governments orders I don’t know. What kind of people are they?

You have to start straightaway and go to a charity for 30 hours a week for 6 months which is a long long time. Many of the placements break…

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