North Carolina’s Great Flood Of 1916


h/t Gary H

By Paul Homewood

News of the floods in South Carolina cannot be allowed to pass without recalling the events of July 1916, the time of what has been called the Great Flood in North Carolina.

The floods were the result of two Category 4 hurricanes converging over western North Carolina causing more than three days of downpours and the worst flood in history of the Catawba River. The first storm arrived early in the month from the Gulf of Mexico with the second storm coming from the Atlantic in mid-July. This storm dropped over 13 inches of rain in one 24 hour period and the Catawba River rose to 47 feet above flood stage.

The flood water was nearly twice as deep as that of any previously recorded flood. In addition to destroying the Lake Wylie dam, the flood of 1916 washed out every bridge across the…

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Met Office Withhold Data From The Public


By Paul Homewood

As readers will be aware, I have done much analysis work of Met Office data since I started this blog.

Some of the basic info is readily available on their website, such as monthly rainfall and temperature.

Often though I need to look at daily data at individual sites. Until a year or so ago, this information was provided on request very promptly by email in a csv file. Indeed, usually they responded within a few hours.

Then things changed, and I was told that they were now operating a fair usage policy and could only supply a small amount of data, such as a single year. This seemed illogical, since it should not take any longer copying across a spreadsheet of 100 years data than 1 year’s worth.

But now it seems that things have changed again. When I asked yesterday for just two years of…

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UK Supreme Court Sponsor Secret Climate Conference


By Paul Homewood


Donna Laframboise has this utterly astonishing of the climate conference co-sponsored by the UK Supreme Court.

Donna asks several questions about just what is being covered by the organisers.

But the biggest question of the lot is what on earth does the Supreme Court it is doing getting involved in the first place. In its own words:

Courts are the final arbiter between the citizen and the state, and are therefore a fundamental pillar of the constitution.

The Supreme Court was established to achieve a complete separation between the United Kingdom’s senior Judges and the Upper House of Parliament, emphasising the independence of the Law Lords and increasing the transparency between Parliament and the courts.

As such, it has an unviolable duty to maintain its independence and integrity, and completely stay away from matters of state.

What on earth do they think they are doing?

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