The deplorable Community Work Placement | By Anonymous


The following was written by someone that wishes to remain anonymous.Any comments made on this post will be shared with the individual that wrote it, thank you.

This hereand this here have been sent to me through Twitter, they also contain important information regarding CWP.

I was told to report to the Provider for CWP recently. Needless to say I shant be attending this pointless and draconian scheme. They can sanction me if they want, I’m used to fighting them.

The staff are rude and uncaring and basically tell you that if you don’t like it then you’ll get sanctioned or signed off. Why these people carry out the governments orders I don’t know. What kind of people are they?

You have to start straightaway and go to a charity for 30 hours a week for 6 months which is a long long time. Many of the placements break…

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