Look at the trends in extreme weather & see the state of the world

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Summary: Climate activists make bold claims about extreme weather caused by our CO2 emissions, attributing most big weather events to CO2’s influence. Let’s look at the numbers. Have extreme weather events become more common? The answers are easily available.

“Some day — not tomorrow, not next year, but probably sometime before runaway climate change forces us to seek a new life in outer-space colonies …”
— Matthew Yglesias in “American democracy is doomed” at Vox.

Thunderstorm Non-extreme thunderstorm in Montana, from National Geographic.


  1. Hurricanes and global tropical cyclones.
  2. Severe tornadoes in America.
  3. Winter snowfall.
  4. Rising seas!
  5. Wildfires.
  6. What about the Texas 2010-2014 drought?
  7. What about the just-ended California drought?
  8. Conclusions.
  9. For More Information.

There are a thousand and one ways to look at global weather. Here are some of the metrics most commonly used by climate activists to panic the public into supporting their policy agenda. Has extreme weather…

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