China’s Wind Power Ponzi Scheme Collapsing: Grid Operators Refusing to Connect Wind Farms


wind turbine Screggah-wind-turbine-Padraig-McNulty-6-460x345 Another inevitable collapse.


In recent times – with the wind industry taking a belting around the planet – its spruikers have taken to clinging to any vestige of hope, with the anxious zeal of shipwreck survivors happening upon a little fortuitous flotsam.

One such “hope”, is their belief that China provides the perfect example of what wind power outfits can do when immune from the pesky obstacles thrown up by ol’ chestnuts, like free power markets and democratic rights, say.

The line is spun that China is leading the world in the roll-out of giant fans; and is well on the way to a 100% wind powered future.

But, as with almost everything that the wind industry tosses up as self-justification, the facts tell a somewhat different story.

Chinese wind earnings under pressure with fifth of farms idle
Sue-Lin Wong and Charlie Zhu
17 May 2015

China’s wind…

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