Power Crisis Panic: Australia’s Energy Regulator Warns More Renewables Means More Blackouts


Adelaide, SA: 28.9.16 – the day the lights went out on renewables.

‘Panic’ and ‘delusion’ sum up the results of Australia’s self-inflicted renewable energy disaster.

Panic at the threat posed by the occasional and chaotic delivery of wind and solar power to the grid; a threat already realised in Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia, which suffers the highest power prices in the world and is the only state in Australia to have ever suffered a complete, statewide blackout (see above). The cause of that disaster is laid out here: ‘GUILTY’: South Australia’s Statewide Blackout Caused by Deliberate Wind Farm Shutdown

In SA there have been numerous mass blackouts and load shedding events following complete wind power output collapses: Wind Industry’s Armageddon: Wind Farm Output Collapse Leaves 110,000 South Australian Homes & Businesses Powerless and Déjà Vu (All Over Again): Yet Another Wind Power Output Collapse Plunges 200,000 South Australian Homes into…

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