While we’re all looking other way, here’s how UK people are suffering


look_a_distraction_design_by_eecomicsThe news is full of resigning ministers, front-bench sex-pests and the serial implosion of the government. But while we’re all looking the other way, the people of the UK continue to suffer appallingly because of the predations of the Establishment.

Here are just a few headlines that you might barely have noticed amid all the furore:

  • 307,000 UK people are now homeless under this government (Shelter)
  • Food poverty in one of the world’s richest countries is up by 13% to 587,000 (Trussell Trust)
  • Child Poverty is projected to hit 37% by 2022 (IFS)
  • The number of people in fuel poverty up 11% to 2.5 million (BEIS)

While we’re all entitled to cheer as the Tories collapse and to demand their downfall, we also need to make sure that we don’t take our eye off the ongoing and terrible human cost of living under a Tory government – even the most…

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