Who is ‘LabourToo’ – would YOU send them YOUR abuse info?


ltoo header.pngA strange – and for some, troubling – website has appeared since the Westminster ‘sex pest’ scandal began to break:


The website claims that:

This project seeks to enable women to share their stories anonymously so that we can build a compendium of the types of abuse women face which all too often are unseen, ignored or swept under the carpet.

and that the project was:

germinated by women who love the Labour Party and work hard within it, but who know it has to be better.

It comes complete with a form inviting visitors to the site to submit the details of their alleged experiences – but requires no personal information, so it could be used by anyone to submit anything, without any means of verifying or investigating what is submitted.

It’s anonymity, but not as we know it

The site makes reassuring noises about not…

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