Cancelled Cabinet: Tories give up running the country to run for cover


Holy Grail Run Away

This government – for want of a better word – has shown itself completely shameless in terms of its willingness to break centuries of precedent to cling to power.

From the unprecedented delays to the Queen’s Speech to allow May time to grovel to the DUP and shake the Magic Money Tree for a damaging £1 billion bung, to May lying to the Queen to eke out more time for the same, to the government’s ‘whipped’ running away so it can try to claim it didn’t lose votes because it didn’t bother to vote, to Ministers’ refusal to come to the House to answer questions – the Tories will take any step, no matter how humiliating and craven, to hide from the consequences of their absolute incompetence.

But today’s news that the Tories had effectively abandoned trying to govern marks a new low in their cesspit-diving.

This morning, the Cabinet…

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