Right-wing hardliner Ian Austin’s CLP shuns him to swing left. Twice


Thuggish‘ Ian Austin is one of the most extreme and least liked of the Labour Party’s right-wing old guard. In 2016 he disgraced himself by heckling his own party leader from the backbenches when he didn’t like Corbyn’s support for the Chilcott Inquiry into Tony Blair; and just recently he tried a ‘John Mann’-style attack on Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson, but failed embarrassingly.

austin wtf.pngThuggish’ MP Ian Austin

Austin hasn’t been all that extreme in the context of the right-wing bastion of the West Midlands, though he’s been a lamentable MP even compared to the average Blairite.

The West Midlands is an area previously dominated almost uniformly by dreary Blairites and ‘old right’ figures at parliamentary, council and CLP (constituency Labour party) levels. In that swamp, he was simply a slightly more pungent waft among the usual odours – a shame though, for Labour’s new and envisioned intake…

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