Newsome Mill Ponds will stay

The Newsome Mills campaign

Newsome Mill Ponds
On Thursday 19th January 2017, the Planning Sub-Committee for the Huddersfield area voted unanimously to refuse planning application number 2016/91479. The application proposed the destruction of the 19th century mill pond and culvert at Newsome Mills, which is the oldest surviving part of the Newsome Mills site.

Kirklees Council’s planning service had recommended refusal of the plans to build 22 houses on the Newsome Mill Ponds site, and every member of the committee agreed with this recommendation.

The reason for refusing the planning application is:

“The proposal would result in the loss of an area of open space and a habitat of principle importance that would detract from the character of the local area, contrary to Policies D1, D2 parts vii, and viii, NE6 of the Kirklees Unitary Development Plan, and the guidance contained in part 11 of the National Planning Policy Framework  “Conserving and enhancing the natural environment”.”

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