Newsome Mill owner will apply for Listed Building Consent for demolition and clearance works

The Newsome Mills campaign

Demolition equipment at Newsome MillsLook out for an application for Listed Building Consent which will tell us more about the owner’s intentions for the Grade II Listed structures at Newsome Mills. The application is likely to seek permission for some demolition works. This post explains the application process – and why it’s necessary that we follow it.

What’s currently happening on site?

The buildings owned by Panorama Living Limited at Newsome Mills are Grade II Listed, so Kirklees Council need to grant permission before any works can be carried out. Following the fire in November 2016, the owner asked for permission to begin clearing the debris from the site. Kirklees Council agreed that Kayedem Demolition could begin carefully clearing the debris on behalf of the owner.

The council told us that these works would be taking place, and they made clear to us that Kayedem did not have permission to carry out any demolition works…

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