WikiLeaks Revelations: Short List of Illegal, Unethical, Corrupt and Creepy Activities

World Affairs

Although the mainstream media has been trying to play down WikiLeaks for the last month, plenty of incredible and shocking facts have been revealed in the 50,000 emails released so far. They are called the Podesta Files, since the emails were hacked from John Podesta’s Gmail account. Podesta is the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and has a long history with the Clintons and Obama – including being Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and as advisor for Obama.

He is also the chairman of Center for American Progress, a think tank funded by George Soros. In summary, he is a very important and powerful guy in Democratic politics.

Okay, what did we learn from the WikiLeaks and can we summarize it quickly? Here is the scoop, divided in four categories and cover these in four different blog posts: Illegal, Unethical, Corrupt and Creepy. This one is about the illegal activities.



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