Why GHGs Cannot Heat The Deep Oceans


By Paul Homewood



NASA have a webpage, which lists the so-called facts about climate change.

One section covers “warming oceans”:


Now, if these figures are correct, and it’s a big if, what does this imply for AGW theory?

According to NASA,

“The oceans store more heat in the uppermost 3 meters (10 feet) than the entire atmosphere (above it).”

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the computer models are correct, and that extra GHGs should raise atmospheric temperatures by 0.2C/decade. Since 1969 this would equal about 0.9C.

However, because ocean heat content is thousands of times greater than that of the atmosphere, it also takes thousands of times more energy to raise ocean temperatures by the same amount.

Assuming that the oceans had somehow absorbed their share of AGW, we can do a simple calculation of the temperature change we should expect to see in the…

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