Dogged Wind Power Push: SA’s Premier Plays ‘Dumb’ to Victorian Premier’s ‘Dumber’


jay weatherill Jay Weatherill: ‘Dumb’ …


Terry McCrann needs no introduction to STT followers.

Here he is with a typically snarky and insightful take on the wind power disaster that has befallen South Australians and which – in what can only be described as a ‘bizarre, copy-cat economic and social suicide move’ by CFMEU puppet, Daniel Andrews – threatens to send Victorians back to the Dark Ages, too.

Jay Weatherill and Daniel Andrews: Dumb & Dumber
Herald Sun
Terry McCrann
3 October 2016

ABSOLUTE unmitigated, undiluted bullcrap: the desperate, indeed seriously panicked claim that South Australia going ‘all North Korea black’ last week had nothing to do with its embrace of useless wind ‘power’ (sic).

Ever since the crow-killing — if not so much, these days, the crow-eating — state threw the switch to the 18th century last Wednesday around 4pm, the global warming hysterics and the mainchancers at the renewable…

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