Blackout Blues Continue: Australia’s Wind Industry Loses PR War for ‘Hearts & Minds’



The proponents of a pointless power source, abandoned centuries ago for pretty obvious reasons, which exists, and only exists by reason of massive subsidies drawn from power consumers and/or taxpayers have, from the outset, engaged in a well-orchestrated PR campaign aimed at winning ‘hearts and minds’.

An industry that wouldn’t survive a nanosecond without mandated subsidies; which is renowned for its thuggery, treachery, lies and deceit; riding roughshod over rural communities (beating up disabled farmers and pensioners, for example), driving people out of their homes due to incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound; destroying landscapes; and slaughtering millions of birds and bats around the Globe, has to work overtime to maintain the social licence needed to maintain its place at the subsidy trough.

Once upon a time, there were plenty of well-meaning suburbanites that fell for wind power; and who were keen to…

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