Wind Power Cult Propagandists Continue Preying on School Kids


Infigen windy & gusto

In a recent post – Wind Industry Pummels Pupils with Wind-Cult Propaganda in Schools – we took a look at how the wind cult sets out to indoctrinate young and pliable minds in schools: how, in an organised and orchestrated fashion, the wind industry aims to fill their supple little heads with the fantasy that our daily power needs can be wholly satisfied by the weather.

That post earned high praise in comments appearing on Facebook, Twitter and in the comment section on the post itself.  However, the author apparently responsible for the generation of some of the propaganda we placed in the spotlight – calling herself ‘Aunty’ Emily – dropped in with this comment:

I noticed you linked to my blog and to Timmy the Turbine – I’m the writer who was commissioned to write Timmy’s story into a school workshop. The story was originally written by the CEO…

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