South Australia’s Wind Power Disaster: No Solution in Sight



‘Panic’ is the only word capable of describing the mood among South Australia’s policymakers.  Over the last few posts, STT has detailed a wealth of media coverage on SA’s self-inflicted energy debacle.

The former general manager of the Electricity Trust of South Australia (ETSA), Bruce Dinham is one of many groping around (knowing SA’s power supply, probably in the dark) for solutions to the disaster.

Bruce Dinham: How to slash South Australia’s electricity bills
The Advertiser
Bruce Dinham
6 July 2016

Investigation into huge increases to SA power bills

Huge electricity shock as EnergyAustralia bills to jump by $261 a year

Electricity bills in South Australia already nation’s highest, set to increase

State’s largest energy retailer, AGL, set to hike electricity bill prices

BLAMING ETSA’s privatisation for high electricity prices — as a recent The Advertiser editorial did — doesn’t solve the problem but it does give clues to what…

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