Dear Mr And Mrs PLP, I Have Some Bad News Regarding Your Children’s Behaviour.

Turning the Tide

Dear Mr and Mrs PLP

I’m sorry to be writing this letter about your children’s poor behaviour. I’ve put it off for some time now, hoping they would see the error of their ways, but on Wednesday it reached a new low, which means I cannot leave you in ignorance any longer.

Before I start I want to reassure you that most of your 232 children are well behaved. They quietly get on with their work for the betterment of their constituents. Some are even a credit to you. However there are some who, well for lack of a better word, are engaging in bullying.

This ugly side to their characters came out when I appointed a new leader to the party. He’s a quiet, sincere and modest character called Jeremy Corbyn. I felt he’d make a good leader because I’d noticed how, over the past several decades, the PLP…

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